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Alexi’s Grill

Welcome to Alexi’s Grill, a family-owned and operated restaurant that has been a treasured Phoenix tradition for more than a quarter-century. Opened by Christo and Connie Panagiotakopoulos, of Christo’s Ristorante, in 1994, has since become a Midtown Phoenix landmark and highly-acclaimed fine dining establishment. Now, nearly 30 years after our founding, Alexi’s Grill is dedicated to continuing our longtime legacy of fantastic food, outstanding service, and a welcoming, upscale ambiance.

We are proud to have created an ideal environment for any occasion, including business lunches, special celebrations, and even romantic dates. Besides our dine-in and take-out services, we also offer catering for a wide range of events. Intimate and chic, yet decidedly relaxed, Alexi’s Grill provides a dining experience unlike any other in the Valley.

Our Family

The Alexi’s Grill extended family is one that knows no bounds and includes every employee, guest, and member of the Phoenix community. While we are extremely passionate about our food and restaurant, it is the Alexi’s Grill family that truly holds our heart.

After learning traditional hospitality service on the island of Crete, ingraining in himself the warm Mediterranean spirit and style accustomed to Greek lifestyle, Michael Zistatsis joined the Alexi’s Grill family as a busser the first day the restaurant opened, August 8th, 1994. He spent the following years building a deep understanding of service and quality principles as he worked his way up through the ranks at Alexi’s Grill. In 2001, after gaining experience both as a server and a member of the kitchen staff, he was given the opportunity of a lifetime to continue the Alexi’s Grill legacy as a partner.

Under Michael’s watchful eye, with the help of his wife Christina, today Alexi’s Grill is every bit the family-run restaurant that it was nearly three decades ago. Generations of diners have sat at our tables and enjoyed our signature Italian dishes, a tradition we hope to carry on for years to come.

Our Values

We are endlessly thankful to have been warmly welcomed to become a part of the local community from the beginning, and now we hope to consistently pay that kindness forward by doing the same for everyone we cross paths with.

First and foremost, we are committed to making every effort to give back to the community in as many ways as possible. Participating in a variety of local fundraising efforts has become a permanent part of the Alexi’s Grill mission, and we are grateful to be able to support dozens of Arizona charitable organizations.

We also feel driven to share our abundant blessings with the Valley community in other ways, alongside Christo’s Ristorante, we drive a twice-yearly campaign to feed hundreds of families in partnership with St. Vincent de Paul. Love, healing, and hope can often be found through a shared meal, and Alexi’s Grill is happy to make a difference in our own way.


Our Food

Alexi’s Grill has earned a reputation for integrity, both in the quality of our food and the experience of dining at our Midtown Phoenix restaurant. Only the very best ingredients are selected by our kitchen, focusing on fresh, seasonal meats, fish, and produce. We believe that in order to craft truly magnificent dishes, our chefs must first begin with ingredients that represent the utmost in quality.

From pasta and salads to our signature specialties, every single dish on our menu has been infused with timeless Italian flavors. Alexi’s Grill is one of Phoenix’s only restaurants where you can experience old-town European dining that is authentic in every sense of the word.

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Alexi’s Grill: Since 1994